Fido HR Solutions

Fido HR Solutions

“FIDO HR SOLUTIONS” LLC is a professional consulting company, established in 2014 to serve needs of corporations by providing consulting services. We provide full expertise in end-to-end recruitment to help you manage your HR department, including recruiting, hiring assistance and training, as well as payroll, audit, consulting, etc. Whether you need a complete HR solution or just a few services to help your staff, Fido Group provides the resources and staff to help you manage your company. The advantages of cooperating with us is to develop more strategic goals related to human resources and human capital, and to improve efficiency through the introduction of best practices. The odds of using our services are our willingness to customize our HR service to meet your needs and expectation with respect to timelines, quality of candidates and ensuring minimal efforts by the client in the selection process.

Our company provides high quality services in:

  • HR Administration
  • Recruitment / Executive Recruitment
  • HR Audit
  • Staff and Payroll outsource
  • Consulting
  • Training and Assessment
  • Migration Administration


 Our Company can become a valuable outsource partner in providing HR services in the following areas:

 HR Administration
Human Resource Administration process includes focusing on the recruitment of, managing of, and providing direction for the people who work in a client organization. Essentially, the purpose of HR Administration is to maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees. Areas of HR administration include – among many others – employee recruitment and retention, exit interviews, motivation, assignment selection, labor law compliance, performance reviews, training, professional development, mediation.

Recruitment / Executive Recruitment
Recruitment (hiring) is a core function of any HR agency. It includes a number of activities: candidate screening, interviewing, reference and background checks, etc. Recruiting employees whose talents are aligned with business goals is critical to developing a diverse and effectual workforce.

Executive recruitment is a searching process of potential talents to fill various high-level management positions within organization. We do not only find the candidates, but also, support our clients in wages negotiation, market research, interviews scheduling and coordination, initial screening etc.

HR Audit
HR audit is a vital management control service. The HR Audit is a formal process, which examines the strategies, policies, procedures, documentation, structure, systems and practices to value the effectiveness of HR management. Generally, the procedure includes analysis of relevant documentation, records and HR software data for building a report. This report is used to make recommendations for improvement.

Payroll outsource
Our payroll services manage monthly and annual payroll of Client Company with diligence and efficiency, saving time and making financial duties much easier. We can run your payroll, provide full reporting, send pay slips, calculate payments for sick leave and holidays, prepare payment documents and ensure that everyone in your business is paid correctly and on-time.

Consulting Service includes range of activities for expert advice to businesses in need of hiring HR personnel; for face-to-face consulting with existing HR personnel, for helping to restructure a Human Resources department for better efficiency. HR consulting supports the success of your organization. Core fields of our practice in this area are employee management and benefits, compensation, retirements and talent mobility.

Training / Staff Training and Assessment
Our service varies from supporting company in identifying the development areas for staff and arrangement of specific trainings directed to improve the technical knowledge as well as various soft skills.

Staff outsourcing
We provide skilled workers for nearly any industry. This service allows your company to minimize your liability in a costly industry, and fulfill your business demands without any financial or legal risks, which can take place while hiring employing full time staff.

Migration administration
Migration services include support in obtaining Azerbaijani visas, work and resident permits, and organization of medical check-up, registration upon places of stay, and assistance in conducting all other procedures for proper registration of foreign staff.

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